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The Multifunctional iPhone




Traktor DJ App



Everyone knows that as well as being the most favoured smartphone on the market, the iPhone boasts a huge number of features, including a powerful camera, lightening fast operating system and an app store full of great ideas. The best thing about the iPhone, though, is that with a few tweaks here and there, it can be turned into anything, from a wireless computer mouse to a spirit level. Read on for FixiPhoneScreen's pick of the best accessories and apps that will take your iPhone from simply fabulous to totally multifunctional.



1. Creative Camera

We’ve mentioned the incredible Photojojo before, in a roundup of our favourite iPhone cases, but we felt we had to include them again, as they’re so simply brilliant. Whether you’re into macro or close-up photography, or the creativity of the fish-eye effect, Photojojo stock four different lenses that adhere to your iPhone in seconds, and will mean you can leave your bulky camera equipment behind.

2. DJ Tool

If you’re into musical production, the Traktor DJ app on the Apple store will take your iPhone from a smartphone to the latest in DJ technology. With features such as automatic tempo and key detection, built-in professional DJ effects and an intelligent browser, this software is ideal for anyone from music buffs to the more novice DJ.

3. Vintage Radio

iPhone docking systems and speakers have been around almost as long as the first iPhone itself, but most of them are white or black shiny plastic, and only really fit in with modern surroundings. If you’re more into a retro theme, and long for a system with no wires, then ReAcoustic is just what you’re looking for. Made simply of an antique gramophone horn mounted on a walnut base, the whole thing works simply through acoustics, and amplifies the sound from your iPhone when placed in the slot.

4. Remote Mouse

Whether you have a presentation to do, or simply need to use a mouse with your laptop, the Remote Mouse app for the iPhone will make the process as quick and painless as possible. By simply downloading the app and the accompanying software onto your PC or Mac, you can control your computer from anywhere in the room using 3G and wireless networks.